Leave the Retaining Wall Installation Task to Our Masonry Contractor!

Have you decided to add retaining walls to your property? You’ve actually decided that it would make the landscape more appealing and even provide safety to the landscape itself. To make it happen, you should consider hiring a masonry contractor such as Luis H G Monterroso LLC. We can construct retaining walls on the properties of our clients in Stamford, CT.

Why Add Retaining Walls?

If you have the room and are willing to invest a bit of money, retaining walls can be a wonderful addition to your property. You can still use retaining walls in your landscape design even if you have a large, flat area with only one tree in the middle and no other landscape features. In this way, you can alter the available area and set physical boundaries between various elements of the landscape. Choose any kind of retaining wall material you like and have it expertly installed. Retaining walls can be built to your specifications by hiring experts like us.

We Can Construct Retaining Walls!

If you need retaining walls built on your property, we can help with that! We can tailor the retaining wall layout to work with the existing landscaping on your property. Based on the size of your property, you can decide between constructing a single wall or a series of walls. The stability of all retaining walls we build is guaranteed by our adherence to local and national building codes. To ensure that the retaining walls we build are sturdy and long-lasting, we will only use the best materials. Don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll rush to get them ready for you.

Luis H G Monterroso LLC is the masonry contractor you can count on to construct retaining walls. Do you want retaining walls to be constructed on your property in Stamford, CT? There’s no need to hesitate. Feel free to contact us at (475) 219-3661 right away!